What We Believe

We believe Jesus is God’s own son, sent by God to become human. As the son of God, Jesus is divine, but he was also a human who lived among us on earth. He spent his adult life in ministry, teaching about God and spreading a message of God’s love, peace, hope and forgiveness. He healed the sick and fed the hungry.

Jesus suffered death by crucifixion for our salvation. But death did not contain him. On the third day after his death, Jesus appeared among his followers as the risen, living Lord. He continued to teach, spreading the Good News, for forty days before returning to heaven.  

By the love of God and through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is regarded as payment in full for all of our sin.

In response to God's great love for us, we believe that Christians are called and empowered by the Holy Spirit to live our lives in service to the world. Through acts of love and justice, worship and witness, we share God’s boundless love with the world.  

For more information about our faith in Jesus Christ, see  http://www.elca.org/What-We-Believe.aspx

We welcome you to "Be Church" with us.