What to Expect

God calls us to be a welcoming People!

WELCOME to people new to the faith, Christians of every flavor and to long-time Lutherans! WELCOME to new guests and old friends! WELCOME to people of every age and size, color and culture, ability and gift, to gay and straight, to old and young, to believers and questioners! This is a place where we live past the labels, where we are welcome to celebrate, grieve, rejoice and recover.

Here ALL ARE WELCOME! Please join us as we do God's work in Christ's name for the life of the world.

Worship and Music At the heart of our church life are those times when we gather to sing, pray, hear the Word and celebrate the sacraments. We are blessed to have resources providing a variety of worship styles that reflect the diversity of our congregation and our visitors. Music leadership and anthems are offered by the Sanctuary Choir, Celebration Players (contemporary), Teen Choir, Kingz Kidz Choir, or Bell Choir.

nullFor more information contact Beth Gustafson, Director of Music Ministries - bassoonbeth@gmail.com

Children are welcome and encouraged to join us in worship. We offer Pew Bags for the children to use during the service with some quiet activities. There is usually a children's message during the 10 am service; an adult is welcome to assist young or shy children to the front. The Kidz Korner is available for children under five years old during most worship services and many special events. We also offer childcare for children with special needs in the Youth Room during the 10 am service. 

Holy Communion: Anyone who confesses Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior is welcome to the Lord's Table. At the direction of the ushers, come forward down the center aisle to receive communion and return to your seats by the side aisle. Notify an usher if mobility issues prevent you from coming forward, and the Pastor will bring the elements to you.

The means of distribution for Holy Communion is usually "Intinction." Upon receiving the wafer from the Pastor, you are asked to then "dip" the wafer into either the brass chalice which will have wine or the silver chalice which will have grape juice before taking the Sacrament and returning to your pew.