Why Choose King of Kings Preschool?

Our Teachers:  All of our teachers have a minimum of a B.A. or B.S. degree, as do most of our assistants.  Some of our staff also have advanced degrees.  Additionally, each of our dedicated staff members has been with King of Kings Lutheran Preschool between 1 and 16 years.  The teachers at King of Kings helped to shape the preschool, and the longevity of the staff provides a nurturing, cohesive learning environment.

Professional Independent Music Teacher:  King of Kings Lutheran Preschool is blessed to have a professional music teacher on our staff.  Our preschoolers spend 20 – 30 minutes weekly in Music Time.  Our music teacher has a B.M. in Music Education, Masters Degree work in Early Childhood Music Education, and is certified in Orff Schulwerk.

Enrichment Programs: Optional after-school enrichment programs expose our 3 and 4-year-old preschoolers to activities outside of the daily curriculum.  Our enrichment program presently includes Literature and Lunch, Spanish, Kids Yoga, and Taekwondo.  We also offer a Stay and Play after-school program.

Snacks and Allergies: We provide and serve a healthy snack every day.  The preschool staff is very sensitive to children with food allergies.  We take every precaution to make sure the children are safe and feel included at snack time.  We have an extensive snack substitution list for parents to review upon enrollment.

Diverse Population:  Our staff is experienced working with children for whom English is not their first language.   We support our parents and understand the importance of continuing traditions and culture at home.  When children have a good foundation in their home language, they can more easily learn English as a second language.

The preschool staff professes a faith in Christ and practices a Christian philosophy.  However, we do not assume that all of our children are of such a faith and we are respectful of other faith perspectives.  The diversity of our families exposes children to many different cultures and practices.

Family Involvement:  Parents and other family members are invited to participate in the many activities sponsored by our church and preschool.  Many parents volunteer to organize outings and play dates outside of the school day.   Parents are always welcome to volunteer in the school and classrooms.

Scholarships and Tuition Assistance: Our preschool serves as a ministry to the children and families of our church and as an outreach to our community.  Over the last sixteen years we have awarded over $65,000.00 in tuition assistance.

Lending Library: Each week our preschoolers have the opportunity to visit our Lending Library and choose a book to take home and share with their families.  They gain responsibility by signing the book out and remembering to return it so that they may borrow another book.

Chapel Time: Our preschoolers love Chapel Time!  Once a week the children and staff meet in the sanctuary to hear Bible stories and share in prayer, music, and movement activities.  Chapel Time is led by our Senior Pastor or our Director of Faith Formation and Special Needs Ministry.

Kiss n’ Ride:  We use a Kiss n’ Ride system for daily drop-off and pick-up.  This provides children an opportunity to develop a sense of independence and responsibility as they learn to take care of their coat, bag, and other items they may have brought to school.  Kiss n’ Ride is also convenient for moms with other children in the car.

Testimonials:At King of Kings we knew the safety of our kids with food allergies is as important to the staff as their education.  We were confident that they were always safe, included, and loved at K of K.  Our three children graduated from preschool academically and emotionally/socially ready for kindergarten thanks to King of Kings.”    ~ Maureen B.

With an international background, my daughter was lucky enough to choose King of Kings Preschool as her first academic institute.  She couldn’t either speak or understand English when she began classes.  But, she has made so much progress now thanks to all of King of Kings faculty members who were considerate, friendly, and patient towards non-English speaking kids.  She was encouraged to make friends, step forward, and express her feelings in her own way in a free atmosphere of curriculum.  I strongly recommend King of Kings Preschool as a perfect institute where you get your kids ready for a kindergarten.” ~ Hyun Jin K.